Liteon DVD burner 812s Firmware Help

I have read all the great infromation about firmware for this drive. This site is amazing.

My problem is that I need step by step help to upgrade the firmware on my new drive.

I am as far as you can get away from being computer literate. I guess I need firmware help for dummies.

Please help me get the most out of my drive.


Download US0N:

Doubleclick the exe
Click through the warning message
Make sure your 812 is selected in the drop-down list
Click ‘Update’
Wait for completion message

Thank you for the reply. Should I see better burn speeds now. I m using DVD+r media.

If you want better burn speeds, you will have to mod your firmware using the omnipatcher the Codeguys have developed.

Download the omnipatcher and their unscrambled US0N firmware. Depending upon what media you use, trying to burn 4x speced media at 8x may or may not be a good idea. People have been getting great results with RICOHJPNR01, PRODISCR02, and some others. Browse the Lite-On and Media forums and see if yours is listed. Regardless, you can enable some really useful features like auto bit setting.