LITEON DVD 163-D Dead? Help me!

Hey, im new to this firmware upgrade stuff. I tried to install a firm upgrade , I think it was a ghl8??? Anyway, My bios will hang up completely when i try to attach the ide cable so I cannot even begin to install any kind of update, i tried restarting, everything, if i reach in and unhook ide cable, bios loads up nice and quick, no probs. I have tried everything I can think of which is why I am posting. I NEED SPECIFIC DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS!!! LOL ps I tried to install under winxp

your best plan would be to go into your bios.

disable your ide

secondery master ?
master ?

what ever your dvdrom is connected to disable that. then connect it.

that way you will be able to by pass the bios screens and get into dos …

read here for detailed info on reflashing your drive from dos.

if that dont work then you will have to reconnect the drive when your in dos be CAREFULL doing it this way you dont wanna SHOCK your self.

Ok, Now I’m really confused :eek: first , what is the mtkflash? Is that the actual firmware? or a program to flash the upgrade? second, where do I store the file that is the actual upgrade so that the dos can load it or whatever? I just thought I was computer oriented:D do I need 2 floppies?
if not in dos, may i flash with winxp if i can get past my bios post by doing the esc, and reconnecting the drive ? ugh, you see I need a “connect the dots” kind of explanation here. Thanks in advance for any help !!!

Try MTK WinFlash after disabling the drive in BIOS.

ok, i have mtkwinflash, the latest one. its running now. how long does it take? i the progress bar stopped at the end and the status says “updating”. is this normal? i just plugged the ide cable to it (sec/master) after windows was booted, and ran the mtkwinflash in ide mode. i selected which caable i had it on, now its kinda hangin there. I guess this takes a while? PLEASE REPLY!!!