LiteOn Dual-Layer DVD SOHW-1693S review @ DevHardware

I just posted the article LiteOn Dual-Layer DVD SOHW-1693S review @ DevHardware.

 Looks like  the folks over at DevHardware have posted a small review for 

the Lite-On 1693s. They give it a 4 out of 5 stars rating too, so maybe they like it? Here is a snippet from the…

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Releasing that review now, when there are two newer generations of LiteOn drives available, and the 1693S is getting difficult to find, seems rather odd! Maybe we can see a review of an interesting new technology called “floppy drive” soon? :B

Did I read that right, “The software bundled with the drive can prevent the user from burning dual layer discs.”? Nice work LiteOn! I wanted to prevent burning DL media when I bought a DL recorder…

NEC has faster and better drives. Litey blew it a long time ago for me so I doubt I will bother reading this.

you don’t know what you are missing!!! I don’t think any NEC burners has been better than this drive. The Liteon 1693S is a collector!!!

Most important: “This LiteOn drive is extremely fast” :stuck_out_tongue:

Gee, I’ve had drive since July. I think if you look in the forum, you would find more relevent information on the drive. Anyone who didn’t update the software(for free) to take advantage of the DL support and other improvements is a bit off. It’s a great burner, without mentioning the price.

LOL this is the funniest thing I’ve read all day! :slight_smile: