LiteOn DS-8A4S or TSST SN-208BB?

Hi. I just bought a new HP laptop that come with a Samsung SN-208BB burner, and I found it a bit slow and noisy.

The thing is: I am fixing my old laptop that had a faulty burner to sell it on eBay, and I just ordered a LiteOn DS-8A4S, and I am thinking to put this LiteOn burner on my new laptop, and sell the old one with the Samsung burner. Is it a good idea?

I have no experience with LiteOn burners, so that’s why I am asking as I have no clue if this DS-8A4S is good or not for occasional DVD and XGD3 recordings.


that DS-8A4S wont be compatible with the BurnerMax firmware or payload tool, which is what i think your trying to use when you say XGD3 recordings, if thats what your looking for theres a few forums that have threads about compatibility with that, do a google search for burner max compatibility…

Oh, thanks. I’ll stick to the Samsung until I find something better.

[QUOTE=verizon3336;2700709]Oh, thanks. I’ll stick to the Samsung until I find something better.[/QUOTE]

I have a few extra drives for sale that are great XGD3 burners, produce good quality burns, i have scans to back that up too. However i’m not sure if i’m allowed to sell or offer on here, so PM me if you want…if not, thats cool too.

Mods feel free to edit/delete this if its not allowed…and my apologies.