LiteOn DRW3S121-01C?


I wondered what kind of drive this is: DRW3S121-01C. I already searched for it on the LiteOn homepage, google and this forum an found no or only a few infomation :

Buffer : 2048 KB
CD-ROM : 48 Speed
CD-R : 48 Speed
DVD-R : 8 Speed
DVDR : 12 Speed
CD-RW : 24 Speed
DVD-RW : 4 Speed
DVDRW : 4 Speed

Is this an OEM drive? Can I use any regular firmware from LiteOn? For this drive there is no one on the LiteOn Webpages…


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I’d say a SOHW-1213S. What version of firmware does Nero Infotool say the drive is using?

May I guess… TSW*. and the * is probably =1.

BTW, here is some more info… in Polish.


Yes and the drive should be flashable to a 1633S if you want +R CAV burning and dual layer burning. :wink:

This sounds good, cause I already ordered one. BTW the Fimware-Update on the polish website has the filename TSW1.exe… this means…?!?

Thanks for the info!


… including a link to the TSW1 firmware, dated 2004/10/01, 224 mediacodes. TS0D has 194, BS0H has 230 codes.

For an unscrambled version of TSW1 go [thread=111239]here[/thread].


So this means it is a OEM of the SOHW-1213S or 1633S?


OK … i just saw on your site, it´s an rebadged LiteOn SOHW-1213S.

Here in Germany it is selled under the brand “LiteOn” but maybe it´s only imported or something like that… I´ll see howthe drive is labeled…