LiteOn Drives that probably never made it

This is an interesting page that I just noticed. List of lots of LiteOn drives that Nero supports. Looks boring at first… but what’s interesting are some of the drives listed there…

Like the LDW-812S (not SOHW, but LDW) with 48x CD-R… the LDW-412S… the LDW-611S w/ 6x +R… looks like there are a bunch of test drives that LiteOn sent the specs for to Ahead but never saw the light of day (makes sense; who wants a 6x burner?).

Also in the list is the SOHW-832S DL… interestingly, the page lists 2 versions of the SOHW-832S. A DL and a SL. Even more interestingly, the DL is listed as having much slower CD-R burning speeds. I wonder if this means that LiteOn is having trouble getting DL to work without interfering with other features of the drive (like fast CD-R burning)…

Yes, the SOHW-832S will be Liteon’s Dual Layer drive. We may see 812S -> 832S upgrades :wink:

Ya I notcied that awhile back and posted it in another thread.
Most likely all test models and/or a list of possible models Nero got from LiteOn.