LiteOn drive question?

I am thinking of purchasing this drive to replace my other LiteOn. Reason being I noticed that it takes three pushes of the eject button to get the drive bay open. I used it alot for burning as well so I think this amount of usage is starting to take a toll on the drive mechanism and laser. I done my cleaning of the laser lens before already so my guess is that I used it so much that it could be showing signs of wear and tear. Here is the link to the drive on the LiteOn site. I am in the US. So do I go for the 424 or 324? I read newegg does have review for the 424 but not the 324…so the response is to limit to just the drives mentioned not others.



If you want LS then go for the 424. If not, get the 324. I got both.

So is that what is missing from the 324 just the LS? For it’s price is it worth just to get the 424 instead because there is just about $2 US difference inbetween the two. Reason being I think I over worked my 20A4H and it’s showing or protesting to me cause I have to push the eject 3x to get it even open after cold start or warm restart. It still works but I think I need to get a replacement before I get a surprise from the drive. I will think of getting the 424 then just cause it the newer model of the model numbering.