LITEON Drive Package

GeekDeal in Ebay ( has a 3 Drive Package Deal for 69 bucks…+ shipping. It includes The Liteon 52327s CD-RW, the Liteon XJ-HD166s DVD-R/CD-R, and a Sony 1.44 floppy Drive. It comes only in Black. I’m using the DVD/CD drive to pull data off disc’s, and then using the CD-RW to make the copies from the Image. This is working well for me.

Newegg sells a LiteOn 52x CDRW for about $30. The LiteOn 167T is also only around $30. Don’t know their floppy prices off the top of the my head, but all this includes shipping… so it actually works out to be less on Newegg (and I also trust them much more).

On that note, you can get a LiteOn CDRW/DVD-ROM combo for only about $50 from Newegg.

sounds overpriced

Compared to?

Seriously. If you’ve found a place with consistently lower prices than NewEgg and the same level of reliability, then I’d like to hear about it. :iagree:

Methinks he was referring to the first post. :wink:

Hey guys,
If Newegg has better prices, that’s great! That’s what this is all about…finding the best prices on hardware. I will look at their site. There is another site I found called Mwave ( ). They have good prices too. I ordered parts from them for my nephew for christmas, and had a motherboad go bad. They had no problems whatsoever in changing it out, or even going to another product, which made me very happy.
So, I’ll look at this site called NewEgg… It’s not just prices, but service. How’s the service with NewEgg?

gasp You haven’t heard the stories about NewEgg service? :wink: One word: legendary. Look up their reseller ratings, and you’ll see. I’d venture to say that they probably have the best reputation of any online retailer, and I think it’s well-earned (I’ve bought from them over a dozen times already).

Got to agree with code here…NewEgg has one of THE finest customer service departments it has EVER been my pleasure to deal with. Their service after-the-sale is unmatched anywhere.

Hey Folks,
No…I hadn’t heard of NewEgg… but then, I would usually go to Intrex (local) and get immediate parts. They’ve taken care of me when I’ve had problems with hardware. I guess sometimes I just don’t want to wait for the shipment. LOL But these postings are great, as I have seen many in here wanting to know where the best place was to by hardware on line…and now, it is clearly visible. I also Kinda like shopping on Ebay. But hey, that’s just me. :slight_smile: