LiteON drive not detected but power works



My lite-on dvd burner was working just fine a few days ago. Then all of a sudden it stops working. Will not read any CD/DVDs, but it is detected by windows, like this:

Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)

I clicked ‘Check for solutions’ and nothing. I’ve removed it, reinstalled it, tried to update the driver through windows and no avail. I’ve also tried to update the firmware but since it’s not installed correctly it’s impossible.

I’ve tried switching SATA cables, and SATA slots. Tried plugging it into another power cord also and nothing. I’m thinking the drive is dead, but I have another question. If my CD rom drivers are faulty or the drive is dead will that disable virtual drives I might setup on my PC?


The SATA controller counts.
Which is it and hoiw is it setup in the BIOS?


Not sure what you mean by how it’s setup in the bios… I’ll go look at it right now.



Enable “SATA Port 0 1 Native Mode”.


Didn’t do anything. Still have the same problem.


Lol i looked at your sig, deleted the lower key registry and now it works… /cry


Uha, good end.