LiteOn Digital Audio Extraction Rate

Can anyone tell me the DAE rate of a LiteOn LTN486 CDROM drive? I have searched the net fruitlessly. LiteOn’s web site only tells me the drive supports high DAE. That kind of double talk is meaningless.


i’m fairly sure its about 40x atleast thats what i remember from maximum pc marks. I have heard that liteon drives will make some fairly crappy audio files at this point

“Supported CD-ROMs” section.
There are two models.

Thanks minix.

It’s just as I thought - pretty slow - 10.9X. I do very little drive to drive copying, but when I do I must use 12X or else the record buffer in Nero will drop pretty low. My LiteOn 52X CDRW kicks butt. I wish my CDROM did also. Maybe I will replace it.

Any recommendations on a replacement CDROM? It’s got to be high DAE and low cost.

I don’t know why it says “10.9 (17.6 - 20.2)” because the first number should be the average speed and the others the starting and end speed!! (Maybe it’s 7.6 instead of 17.6)

If you configure a bigger buffer the CDROM will have more time to get up to speed…
I don’t know any high speed-low cost CDROM (maybe Teac or Asus are cheap). I’d use the writer to read: I don’t like on the fly burning. I want to know the errors before burning.
And the writer is much better reader if the CD is scratched.

depend on what mode and program are using to rip…

EAC Burst Mode is faster (a lot) than secure mode in My Lite