Liteon DHW-1635S appears as Sony DW-Q30A


I’ve just bought today a Liteon DHW-1635S, so after installing it as the Secondary Master, I’ve taked a look at Nero Infotool.

There it says the firmware version its YS08. Looking in this forum I couldn’t find notice about this version as everyone has YS0B, YS0G or the newest YS0N.

I’ve also burnt one DVD and when I’ve tested it on Nero CD-DVD speed it appears as the DVD was burnt with Sony DW-Q30A ¿¿¿¿???

Externally the unit was looking as the Liteon (same frontal) and it also has the model number DHW-1635S over the unit, but I don’t understand what happened here?

Have they sold me a fake Sony as a Liteon burner? If so, it’s the Sony so similar? What is the quality of the Sony compared to the Liteon? Do I have the right burner but I need to upgrade the firmware to see everything ok? What should I do?

In the attached images you can see what I’m talking about.

Hope anyone can help me. Thanks.

dont’ panic, everything’s alright.
you have the right drive. the sony model number is shown only when scanning dvd-r media. the drives writes this sony string to the disc while burning.
when you scan a dvd+r disc you will see the liteon name string.
this is normal and you will notice it when browsing through some threads here or if you use the search, which also would’ve given you an answer.

you can flash your drive to YS0N firmware, download it here:

but before you flash, please backup your current firmware with this tool:
choose backup, then click on browse, type in a filename and click save, then choose start and wait til it’s finished. pack this firmware with winrar or winzip, upload it to and post the link here.

The Sony DW-Q30A and Liteon SHW-1635S share the same hardware. You could also see the internal Sony id on previous Liteon model firmwares when burning and checking with cdspeed, so this is the normal behaviour and nothing to worry about.

Thank you very much for your help.

As you told me, I’ve done a backup of my old firmware YS08 and I’ve uploaded it to the following direction:

Hope it’s useful for you.

send this firmware to the codegyus, i’m sure they don’t have it.
you’ll find the email address here:

well done :slight_smile:

Email sended.