Liteon DH4O1S Firmware problem


I have a two month old Liteon DH4O1S BD-Rom and I can’t get it to upgrade the firmware.

I have download two different firmwares from Liteon support that are both .exe files. One is CP54.exe and the other is 2P53.exe.

Whenever I run either I get:

No matched drive detected!
This utility is for ATAPI BD O DH4O1S drive.

Detected drives:

4-0-1-0 J:SATA ATAPI BD O D CP51

I have tryed this in safe mode and without any other optical drives plugged in.

I pulled the drive to verify that it is a DH4O1S - it is.

I have contacted Liteon support only to have them tell me that the only time an error like that happens is if I have the latest firmware (that doesn’t sound right to me).

Also, I have two BD movies (both Warner Bros, The Road Warrior and The Cowboys) that aren’t recongnized by the drive. I don’t know if they worked before as they are both Netflix rentals. I have had other BD movies work fine (also, Netflix rentals so I don’t have them anymore).

I also tried the Fimware Flasher from and it errors when I try to use the Liteon downloaded file saying there isn’t a properly formated firmware file.

Any help?

CP54 should work, but the SATA controller used is important!!!


The first character of the firmware revision has to match, so you can only use firmwares starting with ‘C’.

Changing to a different SATA controller did the trick!!!

I have flashed to CP54 and the movies now play.

Thanks for the great help.