LiteOn DH20A4P and ASUS A7A266 MotherBoard


I’m new to the forum…
Recently I installed a DH20A4P to my PC…

DH20A4P is very slow in writing DVD (about 23 minites for 4.7G DVD)
but reading seems up to the speed!!

The problem may be the drivers for the ALi controller and/or cd-dvd drive

Nero speed: not more than 3x …but a couple of times goes up to 16x

Burning DVD will fail if speed is set to higher than 6x (
Maxell and Imation DVD-R 16x
no other program in running when burning DVD data files)

Even though my pc is not current, but I think it should be able
to burn at least 8X

Any help will be much appreciated…

My PC spec is as follows:

CPU:Athlon XP1500
HD: 160G(8 partitions) connected to TX2;boot up as UDMA 5
DH20A4P: connected to Onboard ALi IDE Primary;boot up as UDMA 4
OS:Windows 2000
Burning software:Nero 7

Device Driver:Microsoft 1999/12/9 Version 5.0.2195.1
cdrom.sys;redbook.sys;storprop:Microsoft Version 5.00.2195.6655
ALi ULTRA IDE Controller
Device Driver:ALi Corp;Version 5.2.3763.4008;
ALISINST.exe Version 2.0 Version 4008
Ultra IDE Channel
Ultra IDE Channel
Win2000 Promise Ultra100 TX2 IDE Controller

Hi & welcome,

I have worked with that mobo and even if it has its (ALi) quirks, it should certainly do what you want (i.e. burn DVD’s). I don’t believe the problem is with the burner or onboard ALi IDE controller though (Lite-On’s are very tolerant on the IDE interface), but rather with the PCI Promise IDE controller. Your mobo can get in trouble when multiple PCI-slots are used (Sound, USB2.0, NIC,… and then the IDE card). Why don’t you put your main HD on the Primary onboard IDE and the burner on the Secondary onboard IDE? You could also try and revert to the standard Microsoft IDE driver instead of using the ALi/ULi driver.

In Nero CD-DVD Speed ( or under Nero Toolkit), there’s a “Create Disc” option, where you can “Simulate” a high-speed burn on a blank DVD-R disc (without actually burning to it, has to be a -R, not +R). If you can post that screenshot here, we’ll be able to see a lot more of what’s going on.


Thanks for your advice…

I connect my HDs to the Promise Card because it performs better than
the onboard ALi controller especially doing backup/restore by PQDI
in dos mode (2 to 4 times faster) since I run multiple OS on HD(s).

After reverting to the standard MS IDE drivers, I have been able to
burn at 8x…Will try to burn at higher speed …

Thanks again…