LiteOn DH20A4P (9p53) won't scan and patch


I’m new to this forum (this is my first posting, so please … :)),

I’ve got two problems with my new LiteOn Drive which replaced a working NEC ND3540A (Fw. 1.04):

[li]Using Nero CD-DVD Speed the “Start”-Button for Qulity-Scans is still Grey. LiteOn DH20A4P is Master, Plex PX-712A as Slave[/li][*]I can’t change to a newer firmware, because the Firmware-Patcher tells me “Error writing flash to drive”. Is there a certain Jumper to be set for patching?[/ol]Thank you for any help.

Hi Vancouverona and welcome to cdfreaks. :slight_smile:

Try disconnecting the Plextor (power off) and see what happens. If that doesn’t help, while the Plextor is still disconnected, delete the IDE channel the drive is connected to, with Device Manage, and reboot.

Looks as if i found a solution.

Windows detects the Drive as U-DMA4 capable, but i fear the cable isn’t. So i decided to go down to U-DMA2, which was the speed, the NEC used without errors. And now everything’s working well.

Next year i’m going to “update” the cable.

Thanks for reading and helping.