Liteon DH20A3P

i canot get the liteon DH20A3P external drive to be reconised in cdr win

its ther as a player but not as a recorder can some one help please thanks in advance

have usesd the latest flash from liteon but still nothing

please help

CDR Win is quite old (is it even being updated anymore?)…it’s been years since I used it.

Have you tried another more up-to-date burning software?

Perhaps if you tell us what you want to do, that requires CDR Win, we can recommend something to you. :slight_smile:

thanks for the reply
i have always uses it to do my cdg thats all i use it for

I use CloneCD for CD+Gs, works like a charm. It has a 21-day fully functional trial, and will work with your LiteOn, so give it a go:


Edit: However, if you haven’t used your LiteOn to burn CD+Gs before, you may like to check it actually supports burning them. According to Nero InfoTool, my own LH-20A1H doesn’t support them, but give it a go anyway and see if it works.

If not, you may have to purchase a drive like a Samsung or Optiarc, which do support reading and burning of CD+Gs.

thanks for that but canot get on with that prog

however have just installed power cd+g burner and yes i can conferme that the liteon DH20A3P external will record cdg have just dun it
thanks for the help

That’s great, thanks for the confirmation, and glad you found the right program for you :slight_smile:

—off topic—
WoW cdr win what a great program, i used it with my Yamaha cd-r.

Nero info tool showings that the 20a3p can only read cd-G, also the same for my 203D and 7200A, and for my GGW-H20L not even reading.

Hmmm…my Samsung and Optiarc drives (and even a Dell rebadge of a Samsung drive in my mum’s machine) all read and burn CD+Gs fine. :slight_smile:

I find, regarding CD+G, InfoTool isn’t always accurate, 'cos I’ve successfully read and burned a CD+G disc on the LiteOn 20A1H - which, according to InfoTool, doesn’t support reading or burning them!

I will not be surprised if nero info tool has some bugs.