LiteOn DH20A3 Test Firmware - Results & Discussion

Wind has kindly provided some test firmware for the 20A3. Please use this thread to show results and to report any issues found with this firmware.

Please do not use this thread to ask off topic question. Off topic posts will be deleted without notice. :cop:

Wind’s latest firmware site:

DH20A3P - XV5X HT700: Download
DH20A3P - XV5Z HT701: Download
DH20A3P - XV62 HT701: Download
DH20A3P - XV64 HT706: Download

DH20A3H - YV5X HT700: Download
DH20A3H - YV5Z HT701: Download
DH20A3H - YV62 HT701: Download
DH20A3H - YV64 HT706: Download

DH20A3L - EV5X HT700: Download
DH20A3L - EV5X HT701: Download
DH20A3L - EV62 HT701: Download
DH20A3L - EV64 HT706: Download

DH20A3S - 9V5X HT700: Download
DH20A3S - 9V5Z HT701: Download
DH20A3S - 9V62 HT701: Download
DH20A3S - 9V64 HT706: Download

Higher 12x RPM Downloads:
DH20A3P - XV65 HT710 H12X: Download
DH20A3P - XV66 HT711 H12X: Download
DH20A3P - XV66 HT714 H12X: Download
DH20A3P - XV68 HT717 H12X: Download

DH20A3H - YV65 HT710 H12X: Download
DH20A3H - YV66 HT711 H12X: Download
DH20A3H - YV66 HT714 H12X: Download
DH20A3H - YV68 HT717 H12X: Download

DH20A3L - EV65 HT710 H12X: Download
DH20A3L - EV66 HT711 H12X: Download
DH20A3L - EV66 HT714 H12X: Download
DH20A3L - EV68 HT717 H12X: Download

DH20A3S - 9V65 HT710 H12X: Download
DH20A3S - 9V66 HT711 H12X: Download
DH20A3S - 9V66 HT714 H12X: Download
DH20A3S - 9V68 HT717 H12X: Download

Wind, I tried the YV51 HT677 firmware on my GSC003 and below is the result. OS and OHT enabled. It would seem that OHT is not getting it quite right.

I’ve also attached the scan of the same media burned in the Pioneer 112L also at 8x, as I think it’s important to see how well this media can be burned.

Here the same media burned with XV5X. This time OS, HT and OHT were enabled.

Thank you Wind and C0deKing for making this firmware available.

I can do some test burns tomorrow, any particular burns, speeds etc. you would like to be tested?

Let me know

MegaDETH, I don’t know what Wind would like but for me you could try burning some media that you have already burned in one of your other drives and see how the result and burn times compares.

Here’s the same disc in post #3, scanned in the same drive as the Pioneer scan. :wink:

Still seems to be a problem with CLV burning. All options enabled.

16x was selected and the drive choose to burn at 6x. While this isn’t the best SONYD21 I’ve owned and I know I said I’d rather have a slower burn if it means a better result, but I think this media should burn faster than this. Below is a scan of the same media burned at 18x in the Pioneer 112D. Sorry for showing other drives scans but I think it shows well, what the media is capable of.

Disabled OHT and burned a new disc, the same as the above post. This time it burned at 16x. This is more what I would expect from this media. :iagree:

This is a very good result. The same SONYD21 burned at 20x. Good to see the burn speed drop back before the errors started to climb up. :slight_smile:

This is very good also. :slight_smile: Previously I burned this media at 16x with OHT enabled, and using both XP5R and XP5T, had high PIF errors at the end.

TDK -R 16x
TYG03 @20x
OS, HT and OHT: all enabled

TDK +R 16x
TDK003 @20x
OS & HT were enabled

Mitsubishi +R 16x
MCC004 @20x
OS, HT and OHT: all enabled

CMC MAG.AE1 @16x
OS, HT and OHT: all enabled

Burned at 18x

OS, HT and OHT: all enabled

imation +R 4x
OS, HT and OHT: all enabled

Everything off.

Still very high PIE’s on decent -R media

An example of the drive hanging during a scan. I have seen this as well during a read speed test. So far I have not had this happen during a burn. All of the “P” firmwares have done this intermittently. I have not seen this happen with the “H” firmwares.

Drive - firmware: LiteOn DH20A3
MID: Sony Branded 16x DVD-R SONY16D1 Made in Malaysia
Burned with: CDSpeed
Burned at: 18x
Time: 5:43

OS, HT and OHT: all enabled

Memorex JPNR03 all options off. Scan from first and second burn.

Drive - firmware: LiteOn DH20A3
MID: Maxell Branded DVD+R 4x RICOHJPN R01
Burned with: CDSpeed
Burned at: 8x

OS, HT and OHT: all enabled

This is a very good burn for these, I have had a hard time finding a drive combination and speed for these but I think I found it.