Liteon Dh203h

Hi ya

Can any one help me, just brought liteon DH203H burner to rip/burn/create Kareoke CDG,s

But it wont even recognise that a CDG is in the drive,

Recognises other normal Audio cd,s

Spec says it supports Kareoke cd,s but is that what they mean ie CDG.

Have tried update firmware, tried it in 3 machines all to no avail.

3 of my old drives will at least play the audio tracks so i dont think its comp thats the prob

Waiting for mail from Liteon customer support, but any ideas.

Running XP

Cheers Mr R

Support reading OR writing them?

Not to tecky on this but below is the spec.
Was gonna use it with Audiograbber to make copys of my CDG,s.

My old & i mean old drives will recognise then and rip the music, but not the graphics.

With all that spec should at least re coginise it has a disc in.

Mr R

ATAPI/E-IDE Half-Height internal DVD+R / DVD+RW / DVD-R / DVD-RW / DVD+R DL / DVD-R DL / DVD-RAM / DVD-ROM / CD-R/ CD-RW / CD-ROM combination drive;
Support Double Layer DVD+/- R9 Recording Function;
SMART-BURN avoiding Buffer Under Run error, Automatically adjusting writing strategy & running OPC to provide the best burning quality;
SMART-X function adjusts CD-DA / VCD / DVD data extraction to a fastest allowable speed according to both data request rate from host and disk quality;
SMART-WRITE: Through drive’s self-learning function, automatically detect and decide the optimal write strategy of DVD recordable media (DVD+R & DVD-R) for the best write quality;
ABS system reduces vibration and noise during recording and reading;
Support Fixed Packet, Variable Packet, TAO, SAO, DAO, Random Access time, Incremental, sequential recording, restricted overwrite, Layer Jump recording, Raw Mode Burning & Over-Burn;
DVD read compliant: DVD single/dual layer (PTP/OTP), DVD-R(3.9GB/4.7GB), DVD-R multi-borders, DVD-RAM, DVD+R, DVD+R multi-sessions, DVD-RW, and DVD+RW;
CD read compliant: CD-DA, CD-ROM, CD-ROM/XA, Photo-CD, Multi-session, []Karaoke-CD Video-CD, CD-I FMV, CD Extra, CD Plus, CD-R, and CD-RW;
Support both 8cm and 12cm disc of CD and DVD family;
Conform to Orange Book: Part 2 CD-R Volume 1, Part 2 CD-R Volume 2 Multi Speed, Part 3 CD-RW Volume 1 (1x, 2x, and 4x), Part 3 CD-RW Volume2: High Speed, Part 3 CD-RW Volume 3: Ultra Speed. Support Fixed packet, Variable packet, Disc-at-once, Session-at-once and Track-at-once;
Supported transfer mode: PIO mode 4, DMA mode 2 and Ultra DMA mode 4.