LiteOn DH18A3P firmware update?

Hello everyone, I have just joined.

I have a LIteOn DH18A3P and I am now (not previously) having touble with it recognising CD media. Even CD-R and CD_RW discs I have previously burnt and read with this same unit. Seems ok with DVD-R and DVD-RW though. Sometimes it says insert a disc, sometimes it just locks up and ‘not responding’ is indicated in W.Explorer. Anyhow it has been suggested I look for firmware update. Cant find anything on the net except in Thai (I live and bought unit in Bangkok).

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated before I have to replace my PC and window.


PS I did uninstall Nero 7 a while ago and now use VSO convertXtoDVD. (O.S. Vista Ultimate)