Liteon DH 20A4H

I’ve looked through the FAQ and I’m still stumped!
I 'm a newbie… jumped into the 21st century last
night with my first DVD burner. Have had Liteon
optical drives forever (CD-ROM, CD burner & DVD
player) and NEVER had any problems. Purchased
a DH20A4H (IDE) and here’s my problem…

All my other optical drives are recognized by OS
by correct model numbers, but this new DVD burner
is listed in BIOS, DEVICE MANAGER and OS as follows…


The drive is now connected via IDE ribbon as the master
and a Liteon DVD SOHD-167T (player) as slave,
both drives jumpered as Cable Select.

Updating driver in Windows (XP Pro, SP4) was an exercise
in futility, and Liteon website firmware update is not availible
according to the web page I visited.

Do I have a bad drive? Maybe this is why Tiger Direct had them for $34:confused:

I’ve not bothered to try and burn anything yet, as I have
no media disks at the house.

Thanks in advance for your responces.

That is normal.

…to add on: LiteOn adopted the ATAPI naming system when it joined up with Philips to make PLDS a while back. You can tell from the model name [DH-20A4H] that it’s still a LiteOn.

Basically: it’s normal, as pfloyd said above. :wink:

Thanks for that… :clap: Both of you!

I’m off to the store for D/L media :cool:

Liteon still number one in my book :wink: