LiteOn DH-20A3H

Just so you know I am not being disrespectful with this 1st post, I researched my problem as much as I could before posting this.
My new LiteOn DH-20A3H burner will not burn past 8x.
Here is what i have checked
The hdd and ide drive are NOT on the same channel/ide ribbon. The hdd has it’s own channel/ribbon.
The media is 18x compatible, DVD+R
Both optical drives are set to cable select as they were when the computer was bought.
Ultra DMA Mode 2 is enabled on my LiteOn and other drive. Nero InfoTools picture attached.
I deleted/unistalled the drive itself as well as the Secondary IDE Channel to see if when they rebooted the problem would be fixed.
Nero CD-DVD Speed Create disk test picture attached.
I also updated my firmware to the newest version available on liteon’s global website.

I do not know how to check to see if my hard drive is DMA enabled, if someone could tell me how to check that or any other solutions that would be appreciated.

That is an 18x burn in the graph above.

The Lite On should be in Ultra DMA 4.

You’ll probably need to change the jumpers from cable select to master/slave for each device in order for this to happen

Thank you for your help sir, will try and repost
do u know how to check to see if your hard drive is in the correct mode?

Ok checked hard drive it is in UDMA 5
I switched them to master/slave then rebooted, then uninstalled the drive in device manager then rebooted. Still the same.
Any other tips?

only other thing i can guess is that i have 40-conductor instead of 80-conductor cables.
eill check and post back.
ANy other tips in the meantime?

UDMA5 is for (one of) your hard drive(s). Nero InfoTool shows your Lite-On is running in UDMA2, therefor it is likely you are using a 40-wire ribbon. This doesn’t have to be a problem, though a perfectionist will want to see it in UDMA4. Your Create Disc burn reached 18X without problems, so if your other burns don’t go over 8X, this is probably due to insufficient data flow from the source and not a problem of the Lite-On. This could happen for instance when you copy “on-the-fly” from the HP to the Lite-On on the same IDE Channel.

I can’t for the life of find out why, b.c. im not copying on the fly