LiteOn DH-20A1P?

I see they have it here
i live in usa,dont know it they accept order from usa? Does anyone have it and how good is it?

Thanks in advance


Why would you want to buy it and have it shipped all the way from the UK when any local or on line
electronics stores sell it right here in the good ol’ USA? I don’t believe they would even accept a order
from the USA or even if they did the shipping costs would be tremendous and the time to get it here
would be very long wait. The price when converted to USD is around $20.2645 USD + no telling what
the shipping charge would be on top of that. You can get one for a lot less that that one would cost
you right on line. Here you go 20A1P Retail
$32.99 + $6.13 shipping or how about a 20A1P OEM
$28.99 + $5.64 shipping. I have both the 20A1P and the 20A1S drives with the 20A1S being a SATA drive
the 20A1P is a pretty good drive as is the 20A1S.

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Thanks getit29 for very useful tips.It looks like DH is the same to LH model so now i can grab 1 at newegg. I’ll try to post my scans when i have it.

Wal-Mart has it. I bought one the other day.

I can think of one reason for ordering a retail Lite-On from the UK and having it shipped to the US…a silver bezel.

I’ll check out local walmart today after work,thanks.

Which are the differences beetwen

[B]LH[/B] - 20A1H/P


[B]DH[/B] - 20A1H/P ?

More info: