LiteOn DH-20A1P to LD20A1P?

Have DH-20A1P drive and cant find any newer firmware on euro LO site. Someone suggested me to xflash it to LD-20A1P (?) drive to get better performance.

Can someone take me by the hand on this ? Havent done anything beyond official fw flashing and cant seem to find any guides for this particular drive…

Thank you.

Take the flash utility and use it to flash a LH-20A1P .exe file from The flash utility is able to extract the firmware from these .exe flashers on the fly. It can not use original Liteon .exe flashers.

:cop:This procedure voids your warranty.:cop:

EDIT: do not forget to backup the eeprom config data with the eeprom utility and the current firmware with the flash utility before you update.