LiteOn DH-20A1P-45C: Ultra DMA2?

Got my order from SVP a few days ago, put in the Pioneer DVR-112D and the LiteON DH-20A1P now, both are on the same cable but the Pioneer gets Ultra DMA 4 and the LiteOn Ultra DMA 2, should it be 2? Or should it get 4 aswell?

I guess it’s not an issue with the cable since one of them get 4?

Won’t that make the cable run at Ultra DMA 2 only and in that case will that affect the performance of the Pioneer drive?

I don’t know for sure if I should have the drives on one controller and the HDD on another or let one drive sit at the HDDs controller, but that seems like a worse solution.

UDMA mode depends on the drive itself (some are UDMA4 and some UDMA2) , the IDE cable can limit an UDMA4 drive to UDMA2 if its 40 wires but thats all (yours is obviously 80 wires otherwise the pioneer wouldnt be able to run at UDMA4) so if your liteon runs at UDMA2 thats probably the way it was meant to be , and no it wont - 2 devices on the cable can run at diffrent UDMA modes just fine it doesnt affect their performance in any way (but regardless,you should avoid burnning to both drives at same time & doing on the fly drive-to-drive disc copy,thats old school anyway its better to make an image or copy/rip the data to the hard drive first) , you should defintly have the opticals & hd on diffrent IDEs thats the best way to go dont change it

[B]edit[/B] better check bios UDMA settings just to be sure its running at the right mode , its best to have it set for auto for all drives , i couldnt find info on its UDMA mode on liteon site & others that sells it but i did notice most recent liteons are UDMA4 so that is kinda strange

I have ofcourse already checked the bios settings (before booting any os) and both where on auto but the pioneer had options up to ultra dma 4 and the liteon only to 2.

after some more googling , i found two sites who sells it that says its an UDMA4 drive

so from some reason the bios didnt identify the right mode it seems , set it to 4 manually then check if its working right in device manager…

[B]edit[/B] just noticed you mentioned you cant set it higher then 2 in the bios , check for bios updates on your system/motherboard manufacturer site , try to switch master/slave between the drives might make it work right

LH-/DH- burners are all UDMA-4, period. :wink:
What value BIOS shows you is of little importance, it’s the transfer speed in OS that matters.

Make a burst test with a burned DVD disc in drive to get a figure what this is all about.

Pioneers (and Plextors) can be pretty picky and aren’t the easiest to share with another drive. My advice: never use two burners on one IDE channel. Saves you a lot of potential headaches. :wink:

Sometimes it’s inevitable though, if you’re not keen on a controller card that potentially can be a trouble maker as well :frowning:

My Plextor PX-716A was a good slave to my LG GSA-H12N/H10N and it did not cause trouble.
Also, the combination of 2x Plextor PX-716A on one IDE channel was an excellent performer :slight_smile:

(nForce4 chipset :))

I never install more than one burner at a time in the same PC and never had any DMA problems :wink: :bigsmile:

The motherboard are quite old so I think I already run the latest bios version, also it suck in general but I got it (and cpu, psu, case, …) for cheap so I don’t complain so much. I’ll change jumpers.

Maybe I should have gone with SATA instead, but that would require me to buy more cables aswell and then I don’t know how good it would work with this old motherboard since I remember people thought it was a bad idea to go with sata drives over here 6 months ago?

Ok, atm I run OS X only so I will have to install Windows for that, I’ll do that when I think I’m bored enough =P

The pioneer has dma 4 thought, it’s the liteon which doesn’t.

I bet the Pioneer wouldn’t be happy as a Slave though. And if your IDE Channel starts dropping back to PIO Mode, at least you’ll know where to look :wink: .

I changed pioneer to slave and liteon to master but liteon is still dma2 and the other one dma4.

I have exactly the same problem but with just the one drive. I borrowed a friends pioneer and it got udma 4 so my computer is capable. Any solutions? Thanks.

My other drive was using udma 4…

Meaning? I am confused. My liteon is same as yours.