LiteOn DH-20A1P-45C 20x DVD Writer

Hi (newbie alert)

I’ve just bought a LiteOn DH-20A1P-45C

Does anybody know if it’s a LH-20A1P in disguise, or if it’s a new model?

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Manufacturer Code: DH-18A1P-018C

It seems an [B]overclocked[/B] 18X burner :bigsmile:

Thanks for the welcome and the quick reply.

I saw that code when i bought it but it didn’t click - thanks for pointing that out.

The drive burns OK and seems to scan OK (which is what i wanted it for) but I am interested to find out if it’s a rebadged LH or a new model.

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There’s a whole thread on DH drives (not your one though)…I personally like the theory that “They’re probably returned and refurbished LH units” :bigsmile:

See here for the discussion :slight_smile:


Thanks for the welcome.

That theory sounds very plausable, especialy considering the price. But does the firmware number make any sense?

In case anyone’s interested

I’m not sure if the drive is a refurbished LH unit or not, but I took the case off and found that the board was identical to this one, including the main chipset number. So I decided to attempt to flash it with the LH-20A1P KLOA firmware - and it worked.

I tried to use the LH-20A1P KLOA firmware but it would not accept it. Said it’s only for the LH not the DH. Any ideas how it can be done?

I downloaded the flash utility available here
Grabbed the 20A1P.KL0A.stock firmware from this page
and then pointed the flash utility at the 20A1P.KL0A.stock.exe.


If you ticked Update boot code in the utility your dvd will now read as a LH-20A1P model and you can update the latest firmware from the liteon site KLOG. You don’t need the utility any more as your drive no longer shows as a DH model. If you never used the Update boot code you can re-do the KLOA with the utility and this time tick Update boot code. Hope this helps.

Yep, did all that thanks.

Thanks for the info guys. I have successfully flashed my DH-20A1P to latest LH-20A1P firmware through my USB enclosure. :slight_smile:

SVP says it’s an OEM drive.

“Please Note: This item is sold as a bare OEM drive meaning no cables, screws are included.”

Are there cables in the regular version? Anything else which is useful?

I hope they not refurbished since they sold as brand new drives.