LiteOn DH-18A1P

H E L P !!!

I can’t find firmware for my LiteOn DH-18A1P.
This little thing can’t recognize Imation DVD’s 16x so if there anywhere somebody to help me please & thanks

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What is the media code of your disks ? You can find out with cdspeed at the disk info tab.

does MID mean media code? in that case MBI 03RG40

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The MBI 03RG40 MID is already available in the oldest LH-18A1P firmware I have, so I expect it is also available in the Philips DH version of the drive.
What do you exactly mean with

whan insert DVD-R 16X Imation my comp recognize like cd

if insert Traxdata DVD-R no problems

So can I LH firmware used for DH

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Windows explorer might fool you, just ignore that it displays CD. When cdspeed can detect the disk as DVD-R, everything should be fine. Burn a test disk with cdspeed to be sure.
The Liteon flasher does not allow flashing DH drives. Also this voids warranty.

Thank you very much, I will try burn something