Liteon "DDW" 451S firmware damage

I have this dvd recorder:

And i tried update the DVD firmware, no the full component, only the DVD (DDW 451S), inside is like a DVD Burner for computer:

I put this burner with IDE interface in my computer and i tried update to the new version for 451s but now dont work, i need the version for this drive (DDW).
Somebody can help me ?

Sure, check your PM.

Thank You !!!
Wich program i need for apply the new bin?

Done, with MTKFLASH.

hi there, sorry to bother u but i did the same thing i took my ddw-451s and configured it to my pc to see what the hell i can do with this junk as it just plays up all the time and unfortunetly liteon support is unavalible in australia can you help me with some info you have required thanks i’d really appreciate your help :bow:

Welcome :slight_smile:
Some details about the problems you see could help to get an helpfull answer…

thanks had a look but way over the top for me i’m best probably just puting in another burner does anyone know where you can by them from

can someone send me the firmware for ddw-451s please ?

i’m trying to do as above & update the firmware with drive in my pc…thanks…