LiteOn DD-A500GX DVD Recorder help with macro hack

Hi am new to forum and recently purchased LiteOn DD-A500GX DVD Recorder which i am very happy with. However does anyone know of a hack to disable macrovision??? Thanks In advance…


Look through this thread.
I have no clue whether it will work with your recorder,
but it worked on my LiteOn (see my sig).
WARNING: Using the hack will probably void
your warranty.

Just wondering if you had tried the hacked firmware on this one?

I too have just purchased one of these and want to get the MacroVison disabled.


No but will be this week, don’t know about you but really impressed with the upscalling with this machine… Even running digital through it vastly improves the quality!!!

WIll post soon.

Hi, we have the same recorder and the problem were having is that it only records and finalizes in DVD-VR, which means it can only play on other burners, it doesnt finalize or give the option of switching to standard DVR. I think thats the right terminology. does anyone have the same issue? is there a another way that i may be missing? I got the new firmware for it, but it didnt seem to offer those options.

I have a LiteOn DD-A500GX dvd recorder purchased from WalMart in Canada. Made region free by using available at
and firmware from LiteOn’s site.

I just picked one of these babys from mall-wart [wal-mart] in canada and found this seemingly simple easy solution for the “macro” issue on another forum…

  1. Power on with no disk
  2. Press Setup
  3. Highlight the Exit option and Enter: 2,9,6, and 0
  4. Press Enter
  5. Press Right
  6. Select the Region Free option
  7. Press Setup

…Now I don’t have any different region dvds to check if it worked but the display seems to indicate that it should… :bigsmile:

There is a device called GoDVD that goes in the cable between your VCR and your DVD recorder that will strip it. Go to Google and search “GODVD” to find a ton of info on it. I have not used it with the Liteon recorder but I use it with my VCR to record to my computers DVD burner and it works perfectly.

This will show my level of ignorance in such matters but I have one last question before I hit the “buy” button - all the literature says this will work fine with a HD or HD-ready tv but will it work okay with an old old Sony (still works fine and I hate to part with it)?

Has anyone gotten the Macro hack to work on this unit? I just bought one and getting ready to buy another…


Not sure what your message means - have you tried it and it didn’t work or have you not tried it yet (one way or another, you must be happy with it to buy another)?

Mine arrives on Wednesday and the first thing I’ll do is try it and let you know.

I’d also like to know if you can play PAL disks on it (I could on my old 5005)?

I haven’t tried the macro hack…was just checking to see if anyone has tried it and gotten it to work…I’ve had good luck with lite-on…I have a 5000 & 5005 and have worked great for the past few years and still work…i like the fact that you can record to DL with this unit…I bought one this morning but the price was so good ($69.95 +15 S&H) from…I’m gonna go ahead and buy another…

That’s where I bought mine from - yes, great price. I bought two 5005s in early 2004, mostly because it was easy to make them region-free and they read PAL disks (I’m originally from Australia and get lots of PAL stuff from family.) On one of them the drive self destructed last week - I looked at replacing the 813s drive but at $15 less than a new unit it’s not worth it.

DO you like your LiteOn DD-A500GX?
I’m still gonna keep my 5000 and 5005 though as back up in case I get any more vhs I need to back up…THey were great to back my kids Disney movies…there was about 50 of them in all we had…lol

But I’m anxious to be able to record to DL

I haven’t got the 500GX yet - as I said it arrives on Wednesday.

[QUOTE=hunterba1;2109011]I haven’t got the 500GX yet - as I said it arrives on Wednesday.[/QUOTE]

I bought the DD-A500GX from for $69.99 with the 2 year extended warranty for $15.
So far I did not have any problems, it plays my PAL DVDs like my LVW-5005.
I made it Region Free with the remote control, I did not mess with the Macro yet.

500GX arrived today - 2 minutes to install, 5 minutes to change from “region 1” to “all regions” and to switch HDCP off and it works like a charm. Reads PAL and, even tho I have it connected to an old Sony Trinitron, the picture is an order of magnitude better than the old 5005 was.

tried the Macrovision hack and it didn’t work!!! the hack said it removed the string but it must not have…

BTW you are right the picture quality is outstanding…I’m ordering another…The only thins I’m not crazy about is it doesn’t have svideo in…

Not sure if we’re talking about the same thing but if by Macrovison hack you mean the hack to turn copyright protection (HDCP) off, try this:

  1. Press “Setup” on remote.
  2. Scroll down and highlight “Exit” (bottom box in menu).
  3. While “Exit” is highlighted enter 2,9,6, and 1 and press “Enter”.
  4. A hidden menu pops up and you can select HDCP On/Off (press ‘right arrow’ to bring up choices).
  5. Select “off” or “on”
  6. Press “Setup” to exit

no … I’m trying to copy disney movies and says can’t copy it is protected…I have the HDCP turned off …