LiteOn DD-A110 recording

Connecting DVD player to DVD Recorder to make backups…

I would like to connect my BUSH DVD player to my DVD recorder so that I can record DVD direct to DVD-R. The instructions in the box show complicated set-up,s but not the simple set-up i want. an anyone help please.

Also my portable tv only has 1 25pin scart connection (in)

Macrovision will not allow you to record commercial dvds from any source. As for your TV having only 1 scan can be expanded by using a multi scart device like this

can you not hack the firmware for the MV ?

I have a DD A100x - the instruction book is the same for the A110 so I assume the connections will be the same or similar.
Taking Quakester2000’s point you wont be able to copy commercial DVD’s because of the protection but assuming your copying non protected discs use the red/white/yellow lead from the output of your Bush DVD to the front input of the A110 then set the source mode to front AV. The scart on the back of your A110 can then be plugged into you TV. This is my setup to record from VCR to my A100X. Hope this helps.

Sima CT-2 or CT-200 should help with this.

Though, ripping on the PC and burning to dual layer may be worth doing as an alternative.