LiteOn DD-A110 Dead after firmware upgrade

Hi, first off thanks for a great forum, I am happy I finally found all of you.

I bought a LiteOn DD-A110 last year and thought it was an OK machine consdiering the price I paid (57 GBP). I read somewhere about a firmware upgrade for DVD recorders and figured I should check if LiteOn had one for this machine too.

I pointed my browser to “” the “Europe” and finally the “UK” section. Clicked "firmware and other"and selected my machine. I downloaded both firmware and manual, followed the instructions and burned an ISO-disc with the firmware on. (file was called “LNQKE034.DA0”). I inserted the disc and followed the instructions. Once installation was complete I restarted the machine as per the instructions on my TV screen. Powered back on, and… nothing.

The machine can do the following now: power on and open the tray using the buttons on the machine itself. There’s no way to press “pause/play/rec” or anything else. The remote is completely dead. I can reinsert the firmware disc, but since I can’t use the remote, I can’t change the default screen option which is “cancel” to “Upgrade” (might not say exactly those words but it is to that effect).

WHAT CAN I DO!!! I have brought the machine from the UK to Portugal, where I am now. I would hate to package the machine again and send it to the UK, especially since I bought it, probably exactly a year ago and the warranty will be out when the machine reaches the UK. Is this machine just a brick now? Can I reset it somehow? Can I backdate Firmware (without the remote). BTW, LiteOn says, it is impossible to do anything, just send it back, but I got a feeling that was at the stage BEFORE first tier support.

Grateful for any and all help.



Maybe it would be cheaper to buy the remote? Welcome to forum.

That would be a great idea, if the remote was the problem. The remote has always been a very flimsy, plastic little remote that I hate, but it has always worked. The remote isn’t the problem, it stopped working directly after firmware upgrade. The problem is that the signals from the remote will not get accepted nor processed. That’s why I would ideally like to step back to the previous firmware.

Thanks for your input.

You should be able to do it without the remote.
Power on, Open tray, put the firmware disc in (make sure its the right firmware and the only thing on the CD-R), Power off (the trap should close), wait a couple min. turn power back on. It should ask you if you want to up grade. You might have to try a couple times but it should work. This is the only thing that know of that might work. Also I’m not sure but I think it should be burned as a data disk for the firmware upgrade. You might want to check that.
Let us know how you make out.

[QUOTE=DR. PAUL;1950003]Also I’m not sure but I think it should be burned as a data disk for the firmware upgrade.[/QUOTE]Yes, and the disc has to be finalized.

I’ve just had the same problem with the remote going dead.

I fitted a new battery to begin with, although this had no effect - the remote was still dead.

I fixed it by removing the battery and cleaning the metal battery contact inside the remote (you’ll see a sort of rectangle metal contact in there) by sort of scraping it with a set of nail clippers and trying to bend it down so it would have more contact with the battery.

Don’t think I was able to bend it down much, although the sort of cleaning by scrapiing seemed to work. Probably not a recommended course of action, although the remote does seem to be working now.