LITEON DD A100X replacement drive

Hello everybody,
TY for the help in advance.
I had a DD A100X for 2 and half years. It had some problems 2 years ago, it was sent back and repaired (changed ribbon cable). Worked fine until about a month ago I started getting “Write fail” and inability to recognize discs of any kind.
The unit is out of warranty so, considering that it has been updated to the latest firmware (0034, which installed fine) Liteon condemned the drive as “faulty” and (informally) adviced on some surgery, ie sourcing a drive from a PC unit.
So I removed the drive from the A100X; I had a pc with a brand new Lite-on LH -18A1P (coincidentally, this seems to have been used with success on the 5XXXX series). I opened it, dismantled it and compared the drives.
Everything seems to be almost identical, but the ribbon which drives the disk spindle is a 11 track ribbon on the A100X and a 4 track ribbon on the LH- 18A1P .

Has anybody done a similar exercise and know a suitable drive?
Any other advice?

just for reference, the original A100X drive is stamped

while the replacement LH-18AP1P is stamped with

Many Thanks, Berillio

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