Liteon DD-A100X - AV input quality poor/unable to record from AV

Hello there everyone!

I just recieved my brand new Liteon A100X from eBay this morning. Absolutely great machine it is, it does everything i expect of a DVD Recorder. I can now smash my old VCR to pieces once i archive all my tapes to DVD!

One problem…and i’m not sure this is normal. I usually connect my Xbox360 directly to my TV, through its SCART socket. Now, i have to connect it through the Liteon’s front AV sockets, as my TV only has one SCART, and my video is wired through the Liteon, and i like to record replays and things, to put up on YouTube etc. The quality is much poorer, and aliased. The direct connection used to give me near hi def quality. Is this supposed to happen? The only difference between the AV and TV ways is a SCART adaptor!

The next is…i can’t record what’s going on whilst playing my 360 to DVD. The “wrong signal type” message comes on. However, if i disconnect the AV cables, then start recording, and connect it up again, it allows it.

Any clues guys? I’ve checked the manual…there’s nothing there as far as i can see! :disagree:

I haven’t applied any updated firmware, or the Ilo Hack (that’s next!), but i’m sure it isn’t a Macrovision Copy Protection issue! I don’t really want to apply any hacks, as it’s under warranty.

I just this second managed to solve my own problem…after buying a Macrovision scrambler from eBay!

My Xbox360’s PAL output was set to PAL 6.0…i changed it down to PAL 5.0, and…lo and behold…i can now record my gaming frenzies!

Just a tip for you Xbox360 users…if you want to record yourself playing, whether on to VCR or DVD…PAL 6.0 doesn’t seem to be liked by some equipment.

Changing this setting also improved the AV quality drastically!

I hope i’ve helped anyone having this problem! :clap: :slight_smile: :bigsmile: