Liteon combo SOHC 5235K Problem.. Need help

Hi Folks,

I’ve got an lite on combo drive SOHC 5235K CDRW+DVDROM.

I’ve encountered some problem while using DVD Video Discs. Some of them Shows EMPTY on windows Explorer. Never plays. The Icon is DVD-ROM in Explorer and the Tilte is “CD Drive” . If i double click , it goes in but shows the disc is empty.

by the way… i’ve checked those DVDs most DUAL LAYER DVD videos cannot read.

I’ve no Idea my friends.

Can somebody would kind enough to help me on this.
Thanks in Advance.

System Stat:
Windows XP SP1
Liteon SOHC 5235K
Nvidia GForce 128mb

Can somebody please help me. I’m still having problems with SOHC 5235K LK04 . Few DVD video disc shows empty. PowerDVD reports NO DVD in Drive. Tried few DVD + CSS region free software also nothing changed. My system upgraded to XP SP2. Latest winaspi drivers also present. mayb the pictures below will help you understand. Cause when i goto my SOHC properties and click poulate… it shows something … here are the pictures…

1. A DVD video disc is inside my drive and it show like the pic

2. Windows Explorer shows the DISC empty

  1. Going to the Drive Properties[/b]

[/b] 4. After clicking Populate it shows something

[/b] 5. the DVD region settings …

Please kindly help me on this. Thank You

I have the same problem.did you solve this ruhanir?