LiteON COMBO SOHC-5232K with new Copyprotection?

Im new here and come from Germany… sory then for my partially bad english!
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So I have a LiteON COMBO SOHC-5232K and wanted to ask if someone has this Drive and has copied some Games with new Copyprotection like Safedisc 3.x , 4.x or Securom or other often used protections!?

How was the Succesrate??

I have copied UEFA Championsleague 2004-2005 ( SD 3.x) with ALCOHOL 120% and Alcoholer Profile “SD 2.9” and i burned it on a CD-RW and the game worked on my drive without problems!!!
So then I burned the Game on a CD-R and it didnt worked with the GAME!!!

So I wanted to know how my COMBO DRIVE would work with newer GameProtections !!

If anyone has this DRIVE post please your Succesd Copies and how qou copied this Games ( and Gameprotection)!!!

Thank you!!! :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

Yes, yes and yes! My litty has copyed every protection I have given it. Getting them to work was abit iffy but I used Alcohol 120% and CloneCD. I found using the “SafeDisc” profile works better than "SafeDisc 2/3. I used the twinpeaks method for Securom.

Here are some of the games that worked: (just look for VirusHack in the posts)
Need For Speed Underground 2

Nexus: The Jupiter Incident

Its best to flash your litty to latest (NK0H) firmware. If you want any other info, PM me :slight_smile:



It is normal your CD-RW works and CD-R doesn`t. It have been discussed before. Safedisc weak sector are corrected “on the fly” on CD-RW and then, check is successful, but in CD-R, drive doesn’t correct anything, and weak are bad written, so copy will not work. Anyway, it probably will work with another profile and a like luck for safedisc.

Uhhh, one more thing, UEFA 2005 is Safedisc v4.00.000 (this tag haven’t been removed)

thanks for your answers!!!
@ Virus Hack:
Yes I already patched my drive wirth the official NK0H Patch!!!
Thank you at all!
An you said you use the safedisc 2 Profile from Alcohol120% to Copy Games with Newer Safedisc like 3.x or 4.0 or did I understood it wrong???

  • After I installed ALCOHOLER , Alcohol120% has now more Profiles and i wanted to ask if the normal ALCOHOL 120% safedisc 2 Profile is the same as it is after installing ALCOHOLER???

I Gave this Game (EURO 2004-2005) my friend to test if it would work with the CD-R on his Computer … and it did!!! :wink: … only on my Drive it didn’t with the CD-R but with the CD-RW!!!

thank you!