LiteOn Combo LTC 48161H Firmware Flashing



I’ll be getting a new dvd burner and since i am doing so i might as well turn my OEM liteon to one with retail f/w

My LiteOn drive has a firmware K9H2 which I belive to be OEM

So, may anyone please introduce a good liteon f/w flasher (i’ve seen a few) so I can turn my drive to a retail…

And someone please state the lastest f/w for this drive…




Here you go: (KH0R is the latest)

And you can use OmniPatcher to increase the read speed :wink:



Is there any other special requirements before i flash the f/w?

Or shall i say the only thing is to prepare to void the warranty lol?



if there is ANYTHING you can trust from this site…is a DIRECT LINK from the creator of the code

“special requirements” ??

yeah - a Frontal lobotomy will help you


The firmware I pointed you to is stock LiteOn firmware and will not void your warranty. Only if you patch it with the OmniPatcher, for the faster reading speed, will you void your warranty.

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Sorry about EyeForOne’s post. I think he must have gotten out of the wrong side of the bed. I’ll speak to him in private. :wink:

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Thanks codeking, but what’s a stock f/w?

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Unmodified Liteon firmware. The only difference is that it’s in an unscrambled format, so that it can be used with OmniPatcher, if required. :wink:


I have the official KH0R from LiteOn, and it says it does not detect the drive because of a diff version of f/w.

What makes the unscrambled stock version of the KH0R able to update the f/w successfully?




I has a feature applied to the flasher called flashfix. This allows any version of the firmware to be flashed to the drive (older versions or retail to OEM).


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