Liteon combo lsc 24081

Hello Everyone! My name is Tagir. i am really sick of my stupid combo drive, mentioned in the topic of the thread. The problem is that it doesn’t read dvd’s. it recognises only one dvd: sponge bob square pants, all others it refuses to read. It just spins them, but doesn’t seem to count them as a right kind of medium. I am thinking it is because all of my dvds except for sponge bob a dvd9. So i would think it doesnt support dual layer dvds. But It is not the case. Because it recognised all of my dvds before. just one day it stopped. I don’t know what’s wrong with it. Just the day before it stopped recognizing them, it started to pause. The weird thing is that nero says that my drive should support DVD+R, the only medium it doesn’t support, according to nero is DVD-Ram. Please help. :bow:

Ok it is Dual layer crap for sure. Today i got another dvd it is dvd5 single layer, and it works perfect with my drive. But I still don’t see why it wouldn’t read dvd9 used to read them perfectly. Is there any way to reset the drive settings to factory defaults?

My sugestion would be to try a new dvd-9 so that you know that it is not the condition of the disk causing it (sometimes fine scratches that don’t look that bad can still cause read problems). Maybe you could rent a movie that just came out. Beyond that, is it under waranty? Most of the utilities I have seen apply to burners (like reseting the eprom). You might want to look around the liteon forum but I havent seen anything that would apply to a rom drive (which is the section of the combo drive you seem to be having problems with). You could try a laser lens cleaner but some people say that can scratch the lens. Try blowing the drive out with canned air in case it is dust on the lens. Just some ideas that you can try but if it is under waranty I would get it replaced.
Fyi here is the liteon forum. maybe you can find something there.

Cheers m8! No it is definetly not the dirty lens or something. I just checked my drive with nero and it says that my drive doesn’t support DVD+R DL and DVR-R DL, which is really bizzare, because it stopped supporting them for no apparent reason. The other problem I have got now is that my drive can’t write cdr or cdrw anymore, I am really upset. :confused: