Liteon Combo DVD 16x cd burner 48x



Is this DVD+CD-burner combo as good as the 52x burner from liteon for burning cd copy protections ? Are there any problems or bad things with this drive ?


48/24/48/16 CDRW/DVD combo drive
Good CD/DVD seek times
16x CAV DVD-ROM reading
48x CAV CD-R reading
8x CAV Dual layer DVD-ROM reading
8x CAV DVD-R/RW, +R/RW reading
Good error correction performance with defected CD-ROM/DVD-ROM discs
Fast DVD ripping (6.7x average)
Low 3T Jitter
48x CAV DAE speed
Support of SafeDisc v.2.80 discs
Mount Rainier compliant
Supports CD-Text (reading/writing)
Supports 99min discs

Inaccurate reading of scratched CD-R discs
Does not support Cactus Data Shield 200 audio discs
C2 Information accuracy

Source: review


Here is a review not from cdrinfo. Not very thorough thogh.
And if you wait around a little you’ll get one from us too :wink:


Ok thanks :D. I’ll wait for yours :D.