Liteon Combo drive problems!



Got the 4816IH and had lots of probalms burning TY discs(and TDK)
Was using firmare HOK and it would burn the discs,but some discs would be unplayable or full of errors and they wouldn’t rip past the 75% mark.I have now just upgraded to the latest firmware HON and the drive won’t even burn past the 5% mark
and now i can’t even flash back to the HOK firmware
Anyone else had these problems with this drive and what firmware are people using??
By the way the TY disc burn great with my sony dvd recorder


Strange… Maybe you have some defective media.

In any case, you can downgrade your firmware using a Windows flasher and FlashFix, or you can flash using a binary file containing your older firmware and MTKWinFlash or LtnFlash (you’ll have to search for this on Google or some other search engine if you want it).