LiteOn combo 52x32x52x + 16x dvd

I am looking to reduce the clutter in my box and the extra drain on my power supply by replacing my 16x MadDog Dominator dvd-rom drive and 48x24x48x Cendyne (Samsung 248) cdrw with the LiteOn 52x32x52x/16x DVD drive. a)does anyone out there have any experience with this drive and b) will there be much difference in cd recording or dvd reading than the current setup?


lite ons are king of cd writing and king of dvd reading. u should be well sorted.
happy burning

As an aside, is there a black version of this Lite On combo? I am potentially interested in replacing my Lite On DVD-ROM with a combo drive. I suppose an alternative would be to see if I can track down a cheap 411S now that the 8x drives are out, but I don’t really need two DVD writers.


The Lite-On SOHC-5232K combo is quite good, a good choice.

I’ve seen black front bezels being sold a few places - can’t remeber where.

Great Drive. Newegg has the black one’s instock for $54