LiteOn code for univ remote control

Recently I purchased a universal remote, but I can’t find the manufacturer’s code so I can program the remote to operate the LiteOn LVC-9016 DVD/VCR recorder. Any clues out there?

start a Full Search, the remote test all codes, if the Recoder make something you can test it, if ist the right code you kann save and read out.

If the Autosearch don’t work you need a self Learning Remote

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If you got a One For All I might be able to help you-depends on what model of dvd you have. The codes that I have are for the LVW-1101 ( and possibly 1105). The remote responds to the JVC remote code [0623] but the individual command buttons are scrambled and need to be programmed in-unless you have the remote w/ learning):

266-play 286-TV (as source)
292-Fast Rewind 296-Cursor Rt.
301-Fast Forward 304-Record
316-1 325-7
326-Cursor/Channel Up 328-Timer
329-0 330-Menu
364-Setup 365-Select
367-Stop 368-Previous Track
369-Cursor/Channel Down 385 Commercial Skip
389-Source 390-Next Track
413-Cursor Left 416-Display
417-2 420-Open/Close
421-3 427-4
431-Top Menu 433-Navigate Menu
452-5 453-Easy Guider
454-9 455-Power
459-6 462-Tools
474-8 479-Pause/Step
500-Channel Editor

Finding the codes is not hard-just tedious.


There’s a whole world of info available in these forums:

They’ve got an assortment of ready-made (or ‘ready-to-customize’) remote codes for various LiteOn models. FWIW, you should probably download all of the various versions and try them all out to see which ones work with your machine; in my quest to control a DD-A100GX with a One For All 8910, I discovered that the machines use different protocols (NEC1 or JVC), depending on the model number.

Of course, this assumes you’ve got an upgradeable/learning remote and plenty of time to fiddle around with it.


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I doen’t take that long-and you might find unadvertized codes!