Hi: Just purchased off of ebay the liteon ltn485S cd rw drive. It did not come bundled with software or drivers - just auctioned as pulled drive. It seems to be working okay as I can play my audio cd’s from it. My problem: I have Easy CD Creator (just updated to 4.05) and DirectCD 3.04d11 (which came with the previous CDRW I had - that drive went to CD heaven and of course I felt that the Liteon drive was the best to replace it - I might of been wrong). I can not copy anything to it because the software is saying that the drive is not supported. Okay, what do I do now. I am only a beginner here and need help. I liked the software with my previous drive because I was able to use the CD as a direct cd being used as a floppy or hard drive. I guess what I am asking is - Can this software be updated so it can be supported for this drive? or is there other software out there that will do the same thing that DirectCD did but only better?

Theres a good chance that the software came bundled with your previous drive and will not work with another one. You might have to purchace an update to make it work with other drives.

Okay… After researching for over umteen hours I finally figured out what my problem was with this drive. If I had a hammer handy I would of klonked myself over the head with it a few times. Just for future reference in case anyone didn’t know: A CDROM does not have the capabilities to copy files to a disk. DUHHHHHHHHHHH. After working with it for a while I decided to remove the drive and put in another one for the time being. How stupid I felt when I found out that what I purchased wasn’t a CD RW drive but just a simple CD-ROM drive. I knew it was too good to be true to get it for what I paid for. Oh well. All my fault for acting too fast with my fingers and not reading the whole auction. Please forgive me for wasting anyone’s time.

Have a great weekend.