Liteon CDRW Copying Problem

I have a Liteon 48125S CDRW and am attempting to copy Fifa 2003 disc 2 using CloneCD. It is protected with Safedisc 2.8 and my Liteon ius supposed to produce perfect copies.

However, I have tried the general game profile in CloneCD and the Safedisc (no AWS) profile from G@M3FR3@K’s post at

Both profiles have produced non-working copies of Fifa 2003 disc 2. By that, I mean it installs perfectly, but when I try to play it it either performs an illegal operation and doesn’t play.

What shall I do? I tried using Alcohol 120% and BlindSuite but they both didn’t write properly. Discdump caused an error and didn’t read.

But my CDRW should be able to produce working copies of Safedisc protected CD’S (ie.Fifa 2003) shouldn’t it? What have I done wrong?

Also, I have noticed that I can play the game with a no-CD crack (using the backup CD’s to install the game) but can’t use the backup CD’s to actually play the game (illegal operation - as explained above)

SOMEONE HELP ME!!! (please :bow: )