Liteon CDRW 48125W MAJOR problem:(

I just recently got my liteon 48125W, but I’ve been having problems with it since day one, only two problems to be exact. The first being every 3rd or 4th CD I burn I get a “burn failed” message from nero.

That is the most noticeable problem, the second just started today when I received a “write error”. The CDR media I am using is CMC magnetics, now I know they aren’t exactly the best, but I had no problems with using a CMC, CDR in my old 32123S litey. When I installed my new drive I just took out the old one and plugged in the new one.

I’m currently running Nero and ASPI driver 4.60, all running on Win XP pro with SP1.

I had also noticed on the little wheel that controls volume on the drive itself there appeared to be strains of hair, or some sort of fabric type strains around the wheel. I don’t know if that is part of the fraying of some sort of material around the wheel or it is just another omen as to why this is not a software problem but a hardware problem namely the drive itself.

Also my firmware version is VS06.

Must be a faulty piece of hardware.

But, install & try on a friends or someones PC.

Whats your IDE config ???

It shouldn’t be a problem but, you never know.

Just send it back. It’s obviously bad hardware.

My main cd is set as master and my litey is set to slave, both have DMA on. For my primary IDE channel I have current transfer mode for device 0 Ultra DMA mode 5 and not applicable for device 1, secondary IDE channel is ultra DMA mode 2 for device 1, and ultra DMA mode 1 for device 0.

IDE config is OK.

Its probably bad hardware. Replace it.

Ok thanks, will do.