Liteon CD-RW burning problems

After having probs with TDK CD-RW I decided to go out and buy some Imation CD-RW’s which is made by CMC magnetics. I formatted these to InCD MRW format which all went well than tranferred/burnt some files onto it. This process all went well and wasn’t an issue here. Now after the burning or files transfers was done and finish the drama started. When I re-inserted the CD-RW back into the drive and went to My Computer the CD-RW disc in the drive showed up blank, though during the burn process it did burn the files/data onto the CD-RW using InCD method. It was like the CD-RW in the drive was a brand new one and was black.

I did also try and installed a normal CD-R disc and did not have any issues with it.


  1. The firmware on my Liteon LTR48246S is SS08 should I update it or
    leave it.

  2. Could this be a firmware issue re the media

  3. Whats the best firmware update utlity to use, preferably a windows
    based one.

  4. Whats the best firmware to use for this drive

  5. I’m using InCD version is there any issues with this and if so
    what version of InCD would you reccomend.

  6. Is the CD-RW faulty or is it my drive.