Liteon CD-RW 16x10x40x detection problems. please help!

I own a Liteon Cd burner 16x10x40x that used to work fine, but I got my comp fixed one day, and when it came back the liteon drive didn’t work. it still opens and closes, but nothing happens if i put a cd in the comp doesn’t detect the liteon at all. nero can’t find it. it’s not listed on My Computer. a friend suggested i download a new driver, but i can’t find one anywhere. please help!! :confused:


P.S. I use windows xp

Check the IDE cable and re-seat the connections. If the drive is not detected in POST by the BIOS, it’s either not connected or it’s dead.

check the ide cable

how do i do all that? i don’t know much about comp hardware.

Shut down the system, remove the left side from the case.
Find the CD drive and you will see a a wide connector on the back, probably with a wide flat ribbon cable attached. Remove that and re-seat it, then do the same with all the other similar connectors on the cable. while you’re in there, do the same with the power connector, which is a 4-wire connector. The connectors will only attach one way, they are keyed that way. The IDE cable should be firmly seated into the connector. Inspect it for any cracks or broken wires too.

ok. thanks. when im able, i’ll try it out and see if it works.