Liteon cd reader LTN 485S/Detect

Need some advice on upgrading/flashing my reader LTN485s
to enable it to read 96 bytes CD + G Data.
My writer is fine-LTR 2410B just flashed to latest version
At the moment im using my writer to read to image file and then copy.
I also use “detect” to tell me what protection is on the disc and pass the info onto clone(latest version) seems to work fine.
Is “Detect” still available?
Any ideas-thanks.

I have this drive too, it came with my HP Vectra. It was the last CD-ROM drive Lite-on made that has no firmware updates. I read on a website somewhere that this is a hardware limit - that it doesn’t have a reprogrammable ROM chip. If so, your stuck with it. I wonder if I could take a chip out of a 486 series cdrom and make it work but for a cd-rom it’s not even worth it. If you are copying to image first just read it with your writer.


Yes LTN-483 and LTN-485 and others is not firmware upgradable.

Only LTN-??6 is firmware upgradable.

Use your writer as the reader or get a new reader :stuck_out_tongue: