Liteon CD Burner and Liteon DVD Burner?

I just got a Liteon DVD 812s burner and I’ve had a Liteon LTR-52327s Burner for some time… I had my DVD burner as slave and my CD burner as master, it worked for a bit then I restarted my computer and I got a message about my video power cable wasn’t hooked up (which of course it was), so i changed it, then rebooted and then windows wouldn’t start, it just got to the windows logo and did nothing. So I powered off and unhooked the dvd burner and of course everything worked just fine… Then I powered off and made my dvd burner as master and cd burner as slave (On 2nd IDE channel). Now everything seems to be working fine but what I want to know is why did I have to go through all of that? Can someone shed some light on it for me?

thanks a lot

I have all updated firmware.

The IDE cable may not have been connected properly.

I doubled checked that before switching the master and slave… everything was connected fine