Liteon can't write to cdrw disc

the problem is my LiteOn LTR-2410B stop reading stomp cds and cdr’s 2weeks ago, but it still read/write cd-rw disc prefectly, than someone told me to upgrade my firmware, so i did that, and everything start working again (able to read/write cdr’s and cd-rw’s)…and than yesterday i erased a cd-rw and tried to write to it, after it was finish, i push the cd back in the tray and it still says the cd-rw is blank, whats up with that?? i try erase it a few times and writing to it again with no luck…:frowning: try different brand of cd-rw also, no luck…using win2000, than i switch to win98se and erase/writing to the cdrw disc, same thing it didn’t work…
can someone help??? no i wasn’t in Simulation mode…and y did it stop reading my cds and cdrs in the first place??? only had my liteon for about 6months…bad already??? thats y their burner are cheap priced???

Not sure what your problem is but I have had a LTR - 24102B in the system I use from dvd back up ever sice they came out so I would go as far to trash the drives. It is highly possilbe that you could have goten a defective drive. I would see what you could do about a replacement