LiteOn - Cactus Protection


Just trying to make a bac-up of the latest Goldfrapp cd, and none of the drives in my system can read the cd.
I have a LiteON 52327s, and a pioneer 116.
the pioneer drive managed to read the cd once, but never has since, and the liteon wont.

what can i do?


im at work now, and ive put the disc into a Matshita CR-594, and it reads the disc

version is
4.0 build 10b

now why wont my litey read it???

which program do you use for reading/ripping ?
Your 52327s should be able to deal with CDS200.
If your not allready using EAC I will suggest to do so.

i cant even get to that stage.

the drive simply wont pick up the cd.

im using EAC, and have been for some time, but ive never stumbled across this problem befour.

it reads the cd, stops, reads again, stops, then reports no cd inserted. same happens with my pioneer drive.

other cds work fine, burnt, or original

completely baffled

i might take home a asus 5224a, if nothing can be resolved

i have an ltr-52327s and i have ripped many cd 200 cd’s and so far i didn’t have any problem with any of them.
try upgrading the firmware fo your drive the latest firmware being QS0C, i am not so sure how good the firmware is, But the one prior to it, QS0B is very good.
other thing u can do is tyr a diffrent media, coz sometimes it makes a lot of diffrence.
try reinstalling ur aspi layer.
And if nothin works ask lite-on for a replacement coz there writers come with 1yr warranty an get another of the same model, coz lite-on are supposed to be very good at reading audio protection’s compared to most of the others.
it would be more helpful if u would give details about the burning apps , aspi layer ,
tranfer mode(i.e which transfer mode is ur lite-on set pto or dma)
anyway hope ur porblem is solved.

yeah, in theory the liteon should be fine with it.

but still, no go
works in my pioneer now, so im doing a clone audio back-up, see if it works that way.

pissed about my litey however. :frowning:

running QSo3 firmware
hooked up as primary slave
of a nf7-s

wont even detect the cd in dos (from a boot disc)
ill try another litey over the weekend, see what happens

hey man,
the qs03 firmwar must have come with ur writer and is ancient, u can try updating to QS0B or QS0C. The qs0c is the newest firmware, but not many people are happy with it and so am i, the qsob on the other hand is very good but since it qs0c has come u will no longer find it in the lite-on site, if u give me ur email-id i can send u the firmwar.
and try connecting the writer to secondary master, coz it is always recommneded that ur writer be connected to the master and primary master should be used for the main hdd(recommended).
i think the firmware is ur problem and upgrading should slove it.
anyway hope ur probs. are solved.


i do have QS0C
had it for some weeks now.
i reflashed it last night too, didnt help
the drive is connected as Secondary Master.

the drive itself has no issues with data cds what so ever.
im gona take a few liteons and asus drives to play with over the weekend.

my guess is the drive is faulty, but only on audio cds… its abit weird.

yeah, if u could sen me the qsob firmware it would give me abit to test with, seeing as the links on the site are dead

my pioneer drive actually picked up the cd last night, but it could read the toc propperly, identified the tracks wronly, guess due to the protection, and clone couldnt do a back-up either…

arg… so many issues… however, i hav been able to extract the tracks on the drive at work, and made a copy that way… but arg… i want my litey to work!!!

let you know what happens

What about the (Windows) auto insert notification? Disabled?

What about the (Windows) auto insert notification? Disabled?

no, but the fact is the drive wont pick the cd, let alone load the autorun command

you can still use marker method before i discovered EAC i used washable blue markers from grand and toy and just coloured in the second session. as lite on cuts through illegal toc (sees the 1st session , 2nd is corrupted) it copies it perfectly. i ran clony on my coloured disc in my liteon 52327s and my pioneer 16x dvd and the pioneer thought it was key2audio and the liteon saw no protection. made a burn of the cd and thats what i use for everyting now. but the liteon should not do that. i will put the qsob firmware on my website though tonight.

Update: i put the QSOB firmware on my site its now in the patches section.