Liteon Burning problem.....Slooooow

Hi all,

I bought my first DVD burner about 3 months ago now ( LITEON SOHW-812S), a mate of mine got the same about a week or so before. He told me that I wouldn’t be able to burn discs with it until it was flashed? He gave me this small tool - ( to flash my burner.

I setup my Liteon and it was burning ok using Nero but it was taking around 40 to 50 minutes to burn a disc! My mate said that his was burning a dvd in around 12 to 15 minutes.
After a week or so all seemed to go ok as I was burning around 12 to 15 mins.
I dont know what happened but all was well, and the buffer on Nero wasn’t zooming up and down any longer it was staying up around the 100% mark.

I have since had to format my drive and the bruning problem has returned. I’m now back to taking around an hour to burn a DVD???

Can anyone suggest a fix for this problem?

Enable DMA for the harddisk and the burner.
Also read the sticky FAQ.

Follow ala42’s instructions but also check out these links for the firmware possibilities for your drive. :wink:

…Also make sure you did not run Nero Infotool since the last time you hard-rebooted the machine (with power switch).

Hmm, I have hard to believe what ever “Infotool” has to do with it. I (and many others) run this tool all the time, never experienced any problems… :cool:

BossCat, please provide more info. Nero Infotool is safe!
Load a empty DVD disc in the drive, press diskette button at top of window, paste in [quote] with your next post. :wink:

BTW, have you tried to “remove” the IDE-channel drive is connected to? (in devicemanager). On XP this can be very helpful…

I have burned a cople of DVD’s today and they still take around 40 to 50 mins to burn a disc? This is after flashing with ( Dr8us0q ). Nero buffer is still zooming up and down plus the Liteon LED light is blinking yellow/orange where as when it was cutting ok the LED light was a constant RED.

pinto2 I hope that this is what you meant by info from nero tool?

Thanks for your help ala42 but enabling DMA is of no help!

Thanks also to C0deKing but following your links has got me way over my head :confused: :confused: :confused:

Are your really sure DMA is enabled? Did you reboot after choosing “Enable DMA if available”? There is a well-known issue with DMA & CD/DVD in Winblows XP that prevents DMA from being enabled without removing and adding again the IDE controller the DVD is connected at. :iagree: