Liteon burner

hello, i’m planning on getting a new cdrw because my 8x cdrw has to go. i can’t stand it anymore, anyways i was looking at website & noticed a 52x liteon for $50 version LTR - 52246S. however while looking at liteon website it said under system requirements for the model above:

CPU Pentium 166MHz or faster, 128MB DRAM required
HDD must have access time < 20ms, with a minimum of 100MB Free space

my pc is a celeron 500mhz, 440 sdram and looking above i don’t think the burner will work. what liteon burner should i get. also where online can i purchase it. thanks

model 24x 10x 40x CD-RW Drive LTR - 24102B / 24103S seems to fit my Pc better, since it’s requirements are

CPU Pentium 166MHz above, Memory 32MB Required; 64MB Recommanded.

Either drive would work OK. I don’t think that you should get the 52x model though. Newegg is a great online store and I would recommend them. If you need speed, then maybe go for the 48125W, but if you just wnat a nice upgrade then go with the 24102B, A 24103S would be hard to find.

ok. which of these liteon should i get on this page


Either the 52x24x or 48x24x will be fine for you, and will be ready to run in your new computer when you get one. :slight_smile: You don’t HAVE to burn at 52x.

But for the same price, you do get the 52x24x52 logo on the writer…

@rdgrimes are you saying my computer is old. :bigsmile: yep it is. :frowning: i’ll go with the 52x from total of $56.00 & knowing that it will not burn at 52x on my computer. the worse thing that can happen is that it burns at 12x right ?. i guess when it gets here i’ll have to test & maybe burn a few coasters to see the right speed i should select in nero.